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Biomed Cafe Protein Rich Chickpea Flour 750g PACKAGE

 Biomed Cafe Protein Rich Chickpea Flour   750g PACKAGE

Also available in 4Kg packs and 25Kg bags.

Biomed Cafe's Protein Rich Chickpea Flour (previously Magic Bean Flour) is a truly unique grain and and gluten-free flour made from dehulled and steamed AUSTRALIAN  Kabuli chichpeas.We use only AUSTRALIAN GROWN NON-GMO CHICKPEAS IN OUR BIOMED PROTEIN RICH CHICKPEA FLOUR, MUFFIN AND BREAD MIXES.
Unlike regular chickpea flour, our Protein Rich Chickpea Flour has no nasty grassy flavour, is very low allergy (having had the hull removed and being pre-cooked) and is extremely well tolerated by very food intolerant individuals. 
Chickpea Flour is a HIGH FIBRE, HIGH PROTEIN FLOUR. High Fibre diets are often recommended for weight loss because high fibre foods are usually low in calories.
Both protein and fibre boost satiety, which makes you feel full and often curbs food cravings. SO, WHY NOT MAKE THIS NUTRITIOUS FLOUR PART OF YOUR HEALTHY DIET!
Check recipes on our Recipes Page.

For making healthy, delicious protein rich snacks like cookies, muffins, breads, omelettes, waffles, sauces, drinks & dips our Protein  Rich Chickpea Flour is:

(i) very low allergy & easy to digest.

(ii) low salicylate, low amine

(iii) full of protein.

(iv) a source of fiber.

(v) made from Low GI cooked chickpeas.

(vi) naturally rich in vitamins & minerals.

(vii) nutritious, delicious & versatile.

WE USE ONLY AUSTRALIAN GROWN NON-GMO CHICKPEAS in our Biomed Cafe  Protein Rich Chickpea Flour , Muffin and Bread Mixes
This product is free from gluten, dairy, soy*, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, animal products, additives or preservatives.

Protein Rich Chickpea Flour is made in an approved Halal and Kosher facility.

*Protein Rich Chickpea Flour is made in a facility that manufactures soy products. Every effort has been made to reduce cross contamination with soy but individuals with soy anaphylaxis must consider this before using this product. 

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Per 100g Energy 1587kJ Protein 27.5g -Gluten Nil Fat, total 7g -Saturated 1.2g Carbohydrate 44.5g -Sugars 3g Dietary Fiber 13g Sodium 68mg

 ALSO AVAILABLE IN 4Kg packs and 25Kg BAGS

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