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We wanted to share some of the lovely messages of our happy BioMed Cafe patrons. We love receiving mail - if you like our products, would like to see something new in our product range, have a recipe to share or just want to say "hi" please send us an email by clicking here

When we first came to the Biomed Kingdom our family was in a tough state. My 7 year old suffered from major food intolerances that left him on an extremely restricted diet and suffering from chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My 2 year old had more food intolerances and survived on specialised, paediatrician-prescribed formula, along with eating rice, pear and potato. He also displayed many Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Aspbergers symptoms. Within four months of joining the Biomed Kingdom we saw amazing results. My 7 year old is relieved to be free from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and my 2 year old is off formula, and rarely displays symptoms of Aspbergers or OCD. Our family now all eats the same food - which was impossible to do before - and has benefited so much from the Biomed Kingdom. My husband and I have lost all of our excess weight and feel so much healthier, and my children are thriving. The Biomed Kingdom saved our family.


Praise be to the Biomed cafe. Our youngest child has suffered severe food intolerances and allergies and from birth to 5 years of age and was only able to tolerate 5 foods in her diet and remain well. She was on daily anti ulcer medication and was supplemented with a pre-digested elemental formula to meet her nutritional needs. Since making the switch to foods from the biomed cafe life as we knew it , has turned around for her! Gone are her medications, her formula and best of all any symptoms replaced with more than 50 foods made into all sorts of delicious recipes from the biomed cafe! How exciting for us to see her lunchbox filled with foods like all of her friends, yet each of them so nutritionally healthy. I just want to shout it to the rooftops and let everyone know about the biomedcafe treasures!

Jenny De Carli, Blue Mountains NSW

It brought tears to my eyes to see my 2 boys (18 mths and 4) able to sit down together and eat a sandwich, when the only thing they could previously eat together was their hypoallergenic elemental infant formula out of a bottle.

Carollyn, Sydney NSW

My son Max, up until 8 months ago existed on only 5 foods, Neocate - a predigested formula, and was heavily medicated with reflux medication. We have been extremely fortunate to discover Fiona Carter and her team at the Biomed Cafe. Max now is off all medication, no longer requires Neocate to survive and eats a much larger variety of food. We live in North Queensland, many of the necessary supplements and foods to follow Fiona's program are very difficult to purchase in this region. The Biomed Cafe has been a godsend to us as they are able to supply us with all the necessary items at very reasonable prices.


For the past 10 months our family has been living on a low allergy food diet to help our 4 year old son manage his food and chemical allergies/intolerances. The Bio-med Cafe has been a life line for helping us buy the relevant low allergy flours, cooking supplies and the various hypo allergenic supplements that are required to help us manage our son's health and keep him well. The convenience of being able to order all your shopping supplies online (at competitive prices) and delivered to your front door is fantastic and eliminates all the frustration and time spent searching the shops for the not so easy to find products! Thanks heaps for taking some of the stress out of a hectic Mum's life.


Until we started Fiona's programme, the only food Elias (then 16 mths) could eat/drink was diluted Neocate, (a hypoallergenic, nutritionally complete, powdered elemental infant formula) and was on daily reflux medication. With her help and fantastic products and recipes, he can now eat toast, cereal, waffles, sandwiches, cookies, muffins, cakes and even drinks a chick pea milk. He no longer needs the special formula and is medication free! This year he was able to eat his brother's birthday cake!


Our family lives on a diet of low allergy food that is not readily available in the local supermarket. The Bio-med Cafe has saved me many an hour trawling through health food shops for our daily sustenance. I simply purchase our 'groceries' online and they are delivered straight to my door. I have also found that the prices offered by the Bio-med Cafe are cheaper than the health food shops. The convenience and savings I get from using the Bio-med Cafe is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much.

Sindy Schimkat

My son Liam had lived all of his short life with food allergy/ intolerance. He lived on a diet of six foods and Neocate, a prescription-only elemental formula. He had constant diarrhea and severe reflux. He had an inability to control his behaviour and doctors were talking to me about ASD, Aspergers and ADHD. Our life was chaotic and depressing, because no matter how hard we worked to give Liam better health, he just never improved. At 31/2 years old, we stumbled upon Fiona Carter through a friend and we are much more positive about Liam's future. Through her program, he now has quite an extensive diet and no longer needs reflux medicine or the elemental formula. He has sandwiches for lunch, cakes and chocolates at parties and large meat and vegetable meals for dinner ! His behaviour and developmental milestones are on the improve and our house is so much calmer and happier. Liam's health will always be a work in progress but I am forever grateful to Fiona for giving us the tools and confidence that we need to keep Liam a healthy, happy child.