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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Biomed Cafe online shopping website. Please take a moment to review the following terms & conditions:
By using and placing orders using our website you consent to being bound by these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not order from our website.

a) Identification

The User warrants that they are either the person, or in the case of a corporation, an authorized representative of the corporation, that is named as the Buyer/ purchaser of the order being processed. It is a breach of this User agreement and also a misrepresentation with both potential civil and criminal consequences for a person to register as a buyer that they are not authorized to represent for this purpose.

Biomed Café reserves the right at any stage to contact a User to confirm both the identity of the buyer and also the currency and security of the passwords used.

b) Security

Users agree that they will not disclose their Username or password to any third party and agree to indemnify Biomed Café against any loss or damage flowing from the unauthorized use of your password or log-in information.

c) Content on our website

A proportion of the information contained in this site is supplied by third parties (our suppliers). Biomed Café does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on this site and expressly excludes any liability to any user of the site in relation to incorrect information displayed on it. We do our best to declare any allergens present in products being sold, we however are not liable for inaccurate information given in regards to allergen statements.

The information on our website is general and for information purposes only and not intended to render professional advice. Users should obtain professional advice in relation to the particular circumstances of their case.

Biomed Café will always try to ensure that the information (text/images) on our website is accurate and up-to-date and that it accurately reflects the description of the products we stock. Occasionally brands will vary names/ packaging so will not always reflect the corresponding image/ stockphoto on our website – Biomed Café will not be liable for freight component of products returned due to inaccurate branding/ photographs.

d) Links to other websites

Links available on the website link to websites not maintained or controlled by us. We provide these links for your convenience and are not responsible for their content and do not endorse any pages linked to this website. This also applies to any links to which this website refers, whether directly or indirectly.

e) Orders

Biomed Café reserves the right, at any time, to cancel an order and issue a full refund to the customer.If product is not available or is out of stock at time of purchase a refund for that product will be issued.

International orders must be paid for using Paypal only – other methods of payment will not be accepted. Please contact us for a quote in international freight costs PRIOR to placing your order.

For domestic orders, payment via Paypal, direct deposit and secure credit card payment is available.

f) Updating or Modification of Terms and Conditions

We may amend, revise or update these Terms and Conditions by posting revised Terms and Conditions on our Site as and when we see fit. Your continued use of our Site constitutes acceptance of these revised Terms and Conditions.

Last Update: These Terms and conditions were last updated on 23.02.2011

g) Shipping

In the event that we cannot use a user's chosen delivery method (shown on their invoice), Biomed Café reserves the right to choose and use another delivery method at their discretion. In most cases, this means a faster delivery time for customers.

h) Returns, Refunds

In the even that a customer has a change of mind and wants to return the parcel to us and receive a refund, the customer will pay for the delivery costs to get the parcel returned. Due to the nature of expiry dates and requirements for refrigerated conditions for some products, products must be returned within 10 days of receiving your order and we will not accept probiotics for refund. Biomed Café will only issue refunds for products, not freight, and only if the product has not been opened or damaged.

i) Unclaimed parcels

If a parcel is unclaimed and returned to us, the customer will have the option to either resend the parcel (the shipping fee will be recharged) or receive a refund. In the event that a refund is chosen, a processing fee of 10% of the final order total may be charged to the customer. Freight costs will not be refunded. Probiotics are not eligible for a refund unless the parcel has been returned within 2 days of leaving Biomed Café. Please insure your address details are accurate prior to completing your order.

j) Supplements and practitioner only products

All supplement products sold at Biomed Café are taken at your own risk

k) Practitioner Products

When purchasing practitioner-only products at Biomed Café, it is the customer's responsibility to only purchase the products prescribed to them by their practitioners and to take them for the length of time advised by their practitioners and at the dosages prescribed. Practitioner-only products are taken at your own risk. Biomed Café will not be responsible if a customer provides us with invalid/dishonest information about the practitioner.