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Kids with allergies and food intolerances do not have to miss out during Easter! Another delicious Easter yummy idea with Biomed Muffin & Cookie Mix – Chocolate!


• 1 packet of Biomed Muffin & Cookie Mix – Chocolate 600g

  • 1 can of coconut condensed milk

• 1 tablespoon Nuttelex

• 4 tablespoons cocoa powder

• dairy granulated chocolate (or desiccated coconut)

  • Small dairy/gluten free chocolate eggs or chocolate covered almonds


  1. Bake 12 muffins following instructions on the package of Biomed Muffin & Cookie Mix – Chocolate 600g
  2.  In a deep pan, add the coconut condensed milk, Nuttelex and cocoa powder.

2. Cook over low heat, always stirring, until the mix thickens and starts to lift from the bottom of the pan (be patient as by cooking this mix on low heat, the condensed milk will have more time to caramelise and the mix will reach the right thickness)

3. Let it cool. Place a bit of this mix on the top of each muffin forming a little nest (see picture), and cover the mix with granulated chocolate (it is easy  to dip the muffin with the mix on top  in the granulated chocolate, taking care that the mix does not fall from the muffin)

4. Place 3 or 4 small chocolate eggs or chocolate covered almonds on the top of the mix (nest).


Gluten, dairy, soy FREE!

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