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About Us

Biomed Cafe' strives to provide ethically made products that are all low allergy, low chemical, low GI (Glycaemic Index), nutritious & blood sugar friendly. Biomed Café products promote natural, healthy living and are for EVERYONE!! 

Biomed Cafe' was initially founded in 2007 to provide food, nutritional supplements and other useful products to individuals participating in biomedical intervention programs.

An essential part of improving health is adequate nutrition - most low allergy diets are deficient in protein, fibre and essential nutrients needed for the body to function optimally.  Many people live with minor or major symptoms of adverse food reactions for years, without ever suspecting the involvement of the immune system and the foods which trigger them. There is a variety of symptoms and individuals can react in different ways. 

The company researches and sources a number of low allergy flours, cooking supplies and various supplements to cater for people with extremely restricted diets and severe food/chemical intolerances and allergies.

Biomed Café also developed its own brand of low allergy, high nutritious bread, muffins and cookie mixes.

Nowadays, Biomed products are enjoyed by everyone, as they promote natural, healthy living. People don't need to have allergies, intolerances or health conditions to gain nutritional benefits from Biomed Cafe' brand products - they taste so good that even the fussiest members of the family can enjoy them!  

We have products that are:

-  GLUTEN FREE        
-   SOY FREE                 


  • Free from nasty colours, flavours, preservatives
  • Blood sugar friendly, low GI, low salicylate, low amine, FAILSAFE friendly
  • High protein, nutrient rich, low fat
  • Vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal

Biomed Cafe branded products are manufactured and/or packed in a dedicated gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, shellfish-free facility to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination - undeclared allergens are common in products manufactured or packed alongside non-allergy friendly items.

Many people live with minor or major symptoms of adverse food reactions for years, without ever suspecting the involvement of the immune system and the foods which trigger them.
IgG Food Sensitivity testing  is an efficient and reliable method for diagnosing individuals with adverse reactions to food. Food sensitivity is identified by screening blood samples for IgG antibodies to a panel of foods.
Check our Testing Packages page for more information.
Although the most common food sensitivities occur with cow's milk, eggs, beans, nuts and cereals, the IgG 93 Foods Sensitivity Profile testing will test sensitivity for 93 different types of foods.       

Food intolerance has been associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) bloating, tiredness, constipation, diarrhoea, crampingeczema,  headaches and migraines.

Biomedical intervention strategies are useful in addressing conditions such as Autistic Spectrum, Developmental and Behavioural Disorders, extreme food intolerance & chemical sensitivity issues, autoimmune diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS and many other chronic health issues in children & adults. 

Hypoglycaemia and diabetes are both common in people with chronic health or behavioural problems and most low allergy foods are high in starch which aggravate both conditions.